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The following is a list of albums that steve has played on, written for, or helped promote.

Steve Pilgrim - All Years Leaving - The Stands (2004)   All Years Leaving
The Stands (2004)
Steve Pilgrim - All Years Leaving - The Stands (2004)   Horse Fabulous
The Stands (2005)
Steve Pilgrim - Poison Sweet Madera - Sophie Solomon (2005)   Poison Sweet Madera
Sophie Solomon (2005)
Steve Pilgrim - Akeboshi - Akeboshi (2005)   Akeboshi
Akeboshi (2005)
Steve Pilgrim - Jumpin Bean - John Power (2006)   Jumpin Bean
John Power (2006)
Steve Pilgrim - Meet Along the Way - Akeboshi (2007)   Meet Along the Way
Akeboshi (2007)
Steve Pilgrim - Like He Said - Rachel Wright (2007)   Like He Said
Rachel Wright (2007)
Steve Pilgrim - Lover, Love Her - Steve Pilgrim (2007)   Lover, Love Her
Steve Pilgrim (2007)
Steve Pilgrim - Stormbreaker - John Power (2008)   Stormbreaker
John Power (2008)
Steve Pilgrim - Enjoy it! (EP) The Fools (2008)   Enjoy it! (EP)
The Fools (2008)
Steve Pilgrim - Roundabout - Akeboshi (2008)   Roundabout
Akeboshi (2008)
Steve Pilgrim - 22 Dreams - Paul Weller (2008)   22 Dreams
Paul Weller (2008)
Steve Pilgrim - Morning Brings a Flood - Alexander Wolf (2009)   Morning Brings a Flood
Alexander Wolf (2009)
Steve Pilgrim - Sunshine - Steve Pilgrim 2009   Sunshine
Steve Pilgrim (2009)
Steve Pilgrim - Wake Up The Nation - Paul Weller 2010   Wake Up The Nation
Paul Weller (2010)
Outside Looking In Delta Maid (2011)   Outside Looking In
Delta Maid (2011)
Pixels and Paper - Steve Pilgrim   Pixels and Paper
Steve Pilgrim (2011)
Troubled Times - Cast (2011)   Troubled Times
Cast (2011)

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Steve Pilgrim - Pixels and Paper - Buy Now

LTD First Press Numbered (1-1000/1000) Signed on request.

1 How Many Ways
2 Keep Falling Down
3 Firecracker
4 Explode the Sun
5 Driving All Those Fears Away
6 Another Million Sunbeams
7 Suggested In Rhyme
8 Closing Moments
9 Pixels and Paper
10 Battered Boat
  Steve Pilgrim - Sunshine Album - Buy Now

1 Sunshine
2 Seeds
3 Lay Your Head Down
4 In The Morning
5 Mercy Of A Whim
6 198
7 Say Now
8 Everything Is Louder In The Dark
9 Muddy Leaves
10 When Your Demons Come To Call

Steve Pilgrim - Lover Album - Buy Now

1 Owl on Roof
2 All I Have To Say
3 Lover,love Her
4 Fear And Loathing
5 Orange Bells Of Honey
6 Everytime
7 Down Your Track
8 Some other Babies Cry
9 The man I've Become
10 Drowning in the rain        

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Steve Pilgrim - Timeline
Steve Pilgrim - Timeline -The Stands   The Stands (2003-2004)
(All Years Leaving/ Horse Fabulous)
Echo Records
The Stands were formed by Howie Payne in 2002. They were big part of the Liverpools Bandwagon Scene along with bands like The Coral, The Bandits, The Hokum Clones and The Zutons. Initially picked up by Noel Gallagher, they toured internationally with The Libertines, Jet and Oasis and released two albums before disbanding in 2005.
  Steve Pilgrim - Timeline -Akeboshi   Akeboshi (2003-Present)
(Meet along the way/ Roundabout)

Signed to Epic Records (Japan)
Steve first met Yoshi in Liverpool in 2003 helping to write a song that appeared on Akeboshi’s self titled album in 2005. It was the start of a long term working relationship and international friendship! Akeboshi’s Folktronica combines soundscapes of samples & loops with a healthy interest in Irish folk instruments and traditional song writing. Both Steve and Yoshio have recorded versions of each other’s songs for their own albums.
Steve Pilgrim - Timeline -The Cuckolds   The Cuckolds (2005-2006)
Line up included Leeds singer-songwriter Tom Brookes, Luke Thomson, Steve Pilgrim, Harry ‘Hugo’ Harrison and John Sealey. Angry skiffle with a melancholic heart and beautiful melodies. Gigs were upbeat raucous affairs and the band became Zanzibar favourites and went on to record demos with Artic Monkeys producer Mike Crossey. The music lives on the form of Tom Brookes’ solo work and is well worth checking out!
  Steve Pilgrim - Timeline -Sophie Solomon   Sophie Solomon (2005-2006)
(Poison Sweet Madera)

Universal Classic and Jazz/ Decca Records
Hooked up by mutual producers Bacon and Quarmby to promote Sophie’s debut album ‘Poison Sweet Madera’. Toured throughout Europe, notably playing Live to a 10 Million strong audience on primetime Polish Television. Sophie’s album included a guest appearance from K T Tunstall and spoken word from Ralph Fiennes… a fantasy journey and post-modern mash up, rooted in Klezmer, Sophie’s Russian family history and classical talent.
Steve Pilgrim - Timeline -The Fools   The Fools (2007) (Enjoy it! EP)
Belfast born and Liverpool based. Conceived by childhood friendship and musical partnership Pat & Nipsy …The Fools were a Punk Pop Trio who sang in harmony about the condition of the modern man, love and mental illness. They toured briefly in N. Ireland, loved and Championed by Bruised Fruit Promotions. The band did workshops with the inmates of Maghaberry and Magilligan High Security Prisons, and played gigs that were the first of their kind.
  Steve Pilgrim - Timeline -John Power   John Power (2007-2008)
(Willow She Weeps/ Stormbreaker)

Tanuki Tanuki Records
Joining Cast/La’s man John Power along with Jay Lewis (Cracatilla) the three piece Beefheart blues band toured the album ‘Willow She Weeps’ and recorded the next ‘Stormbreaker’. A departure from the indie/pop that Power was known for the sound was focused in Blues roots, LO-FI analogue recordings and biblical-like story telling. There is a definite integrity and honesty to what John is doing that has gone unrecognised and his limited edition releases of previous years are already collectors items.
Steve Pilgrim - Timeline -Paul Weller   Paul Weller (2008-Present)
(22 Dreams/ Wake up the Nation)

Island Records
Steve first met Paul after supporting him with The Stands in 2004. Following that first contact (and four years down the line) Steve joined the Weller line up. 2008 turned out to be the biggest and busiest year yet, with heavy touring and packed promotion schedule for the critically acclaimed ’22 Dreams’. TV included Jonathan Ross, Later… with Jools Holland, The iTunes festival and

Island Records big 50th Birthday Bash. Touring included Japan, Australia, USA and Europe with an arena tour in the UK finishing at the London 02 Arena in April 2009. With a recent Brit and NME Godlike Genius award…. more of the same is to come in 2010 with the Mod-Father going from strength to strength.
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